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Smart linen care

Nothing complicated, your top will fit perfectly in your sustainable wardrobe. You don't need to be an expert to stay comfortable and sexy in French linen or Merino wool!

Yes, it's wonderful, these materials have many similarities in their properties and also in their care.


We've already talked about their durability, their more environmentally friendly production compared to others (sorry, cotton), and their thermoregulatory properties that keep you warm or cool exactly when you need it. But the best part of all this is that you won't have to cross your fingers for the dry cleaner to take care of your camisole, you can do it at home!


4 steps. 4 small steps for your future teenager to secretly steal your top to show off in front of their friends. Yes, they are as durable as that with a little care.

Step 1: machine or hand wash

First, if you want to machine wash it, you should use a delicate cold program. Nothing more, nothing less. For the more courageous, it's also possible to hand wash it, but be careful not to twist the fibers too much during wringing out; that's where they get damaged the most! In any case, put away that bottle of bleach; you definitely shouldn't attempt that!

Step 2: suitable detergent

Next, and only for machine washing, a detergent for delicate laundry, the kind that dissolves in cold water, is most suitable.

Step 3: flat drying

Miraculously, the stain is gone, but it still needs to be dried without moving it. No drum drying or machine drying, only flat drying. No "buts."

Step 4: ironing

If you want to refine this masterpiece, it's possible to steam iron it, avoiding direct contact of the iron with the garment, for example: place a towel between your top and the iron, and use a gentle ironing.


Fortunately for you, our tops are woven in a special linen jersey that doesn't require ironing if they've been dried flat! No more chores, you just have to enjoy!


Ps: for added safety, our Guppy laundry bags protect your camisoles & tank tops during machine washing.


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