Care tips

Our garments are designed to be easy to care for. Here are our advices to make them last even longer.

How to wash – dry and store

Our garments can be machine washed on a cool or cold cycle with a limited amount of regular powder or liquid detergent. Ideally, use a washing bag to protect the wool’s fibers.

We do not recommend softeners nor bleach.

And, as usual, separate light and darks. Hang your garments to dry on the line, or lay flat to dry.

Iron on reverse if necessary (only for non-ribbed pieces). For best results, store folded rather than hung.

Anti-pilling tip

Pilling is a natural process that can occur when shorter fibers are working their way to the surface of the fabric. The best way to avoid pilling is to wash you garment within three wears. And if possible, when washing, slide your tops into a wash bag.