About us

I'm talking to you here about approach and desire.

I believe that by doing things slowly, conscientiously and locally, it's possible to make beautiful clothes and indulge yourself - without damaging the planet. My name is Audrey. I'm a fashion designer specialising in lingerie and I designed collections for major lingerie brands in France, Italy and Australia for 12 years. A first career involving lots of bras, technical expertise, exquisite materials, wonderful people and hard work to combine the technical side with comfort and style. ​​​​​​​​ I took a career break when I had my 3 boys in 3 years, Melvil, Marius and Malo (who now lend their names to our timeless bestsellers). When I was inspired to start my own business, I thought of this beautiful silk vest that my mum had given me many years ago. When I had to replace it, I discovered that it was hard to find a top that was beautiful AND warm AND made of natural materials AND at an affordable price. ​​​​​​​​ I like technical workmanship, I like quality, I like softness, I like to take care - of my people, the planet, my colleagues, my customers. One step at a time, yvo et moi came into being, a brand that - I hope - will wrap you up in soft, stylish comfort !
patronages et decoupes produits yvo et moi


Every detail is carefully thought out: seamless tops, straps that don't slip, lingerie that doesn't show, so you feel effortlessly comfortable... basically, all those little things you need without even knowing it. I dream, I draw, I think up each piece by imagining how I would wear them, with which outfit. Will it make women beautiful? Will women feel wrapped in an armour of softness and femininity - able to face each day with confidence and to make each moment more beautiful? I am very attentive to the quality of the wool, the yarn, the knit, the assembly... Design isn't just about creating an aesthetic. It's also about the responsibility to make garments that last.


I develop and create my own knitwear blends from what nature offers. Using synthetic fibres is like putting plastic on your skin! I chose my workshop for its expertise but also for its capacity to develop new knits, ultra fine, ultra soft and of excellent quality so that our clothes can be worn for countless seasons to come. Our products are made to be washed and re-washed, worn and re-worn.
yvo et moi, laine merinos et soie


No seasons, no trends, just essentials.
Overconsumption is a serious problem: we are stripping the Earth of its natural resources and contributing to climate change. I think that by creating timeless pieces that stand the test of time, that you will want to wear season after season, we can rethink fashion and reduce its negative effects on the planet.


Nothing is beautiful without quality.
Our materials are all natural. Because it's much more beautiful and nicer to wear than synthetics, because it goes without thinking to use renewable resources, because it "breathes" and because its properties are simply incredible.

sustainable development

The look, fit and comfort are essential but not enough on their own: the impact of yvo et moi on the environment is at the heart of my philosophy. Eco-responsibility isn't about using big words and lots of blah blah blah. When I say that our products are eco-responsible, I mean that :

the raw material is GOTS and RWS certified, natural, of excellent quality and produced with respect for the animals.
The pieces are knitted very locally.
The production is Italian (in the same place as the knitting actually).
he workshop is audited to ensure that workers and the environment are respected.
The carbon footprint is greatly reduced.
Water pollution and consumption are calculated and controlled


Our knitwear is Italian, our lace is from Calais, our embroidery is French or Swiss and we manufacture in the north of Italy.