Eco-responsible approach

processus d'approvisionnement yvo et moi

Manufactured in local, responsible, audited workshops

My collections are made in Italy, 385 km away from our offices in Lyon.

I have been committed to working faithfully with the same people since I started in 2018. It was crucial that I found a manufacturer I could trust, one that worked closely with me and was part of the team: I chose Mr. Alberto. His small business lies in the heart of the region that has always worked with merino wool, he learned from his father and passed on his love and know-how to his daughters. Today, the team is almost exclusively female. I go to the factory every year to develop the collections, to meet the people who work on our collections: to chat, to share ideas, to grow together to deliver the best possible results.

I know for sure that the workers' rights are being protected (social responsibility, freedom of association, working hours, non-discrimination, prohibition of child and forced labour, payment of a minimum wage, safety in the workplace, environmental protection, waste management, etc.).

Produce less, sell at fair price

I am driven by the desire to create high quality, durable and ethical pieces.

I've chosen the most beautiful blend of merino wool & silk. We source from RWS-certified, animal-friendly farms. Our pieces are produced 385 km away from our offices and in small quantities that will be restocked. All this comes at a cost. By selling directly through the e-shop, I avoid having multiple margins in the process and I keep my mark-up to a minimum. A fair price is one that allows me to pay my production workshop and my team properly, as well as paying the company's costs and allowing me to grow yvo et moi.

And because I'm sometimes a little too optimistic about buying certain pieces, I do Happy Days at low prices on the last pieces we have in stock. I never produce to discount, I only discount my purchasing mistakes.

Not using the planet's resources unnecessarily is a priority for me.

Less but better.

panier yvo et moi

No to single use plastic bags

Almost all of the clothing produced each year is packaged in single-use plastic bags. 100 billion garments produced each year means almost 100 billion plastic bags thrown away before the clothes get to our wardrobes.

Why? They protect the clothes from creasing, damp, dust, odours, and in our case from moths that love our knits... unfortunately it's too risky to do without completely.

So we chose to customise it and really use it to the full: it's used from the Workshop to your home. Then you return it to us for us to use again by sealing it with some tape.

It's the same bag from A to Z, and even if it would have been more glamorous to deliver your pieces in a different way, we put transparency and the planet first.

main dans la main yvo et moi

Road transport only

Doing the right thing also means thinking about the best way to transport your favourite pieces: so far the most ecological method for this volume is road transport.

As for the Merino wool - which comes from New Zealand - our spinner sources it from the cooperative only once a year, despite the logistical and planning challenges that this entails. It arrives by boat to minimise our footprint.

My goal ?

For you to love your pieces for a very long time. For them to wrap you in softness and to make sure you feel comfortable, feminine and well-dressed every day.

Loving your pieces and taking care of them is a real solution to reducing our ecological impact. Hence my approach and my desire to create a soft, sustainable wardrobe that feels great.

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