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Why merino wool?


For us? THE material!

merino sheep

First of all, because Merino sheep are a bit like the Rolls-Royce of woolly sheep. That's right... They produce the finest wool in the world, allowing for delicate knitting of Merino wool sweaters and thermoregulating garments that simply won't itch.

When you hear wool, think natural material, and therefore biodegradable: indeed, Merino wool clothing is 100% renewable. In addition, the production is waste-free because from a kilo of wool, you get... A kilo of fibers. Zero waste and eco-friendly clothing! In fact, all it takes to produce Merino wool is fresh air, water, sunshine, good grass, and... that's it!

Will I get cold?

Not really, especially since our dear Merino sheep inhabit regions with harsh weather conditions. In winter, they face temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius, so there's no doubt about the ability of their wool to keep them warm. In fact, Merino wool fibers are closely stacked, forming what are called air chambers. Once knitted, these air chambers capture our body heat to keep us warm all day. Like super-insulation! Underneath a knit, our base layers and Merino wool undershirts keep you warm all day without making you sweat. Just like silk, which is also used in our undershirts, sweaters, and women's undershirts, Merino wool is not electrostatic. An additional winter comfort that allows our hair to glide smoothly on the material.

So, no odor?

Well, no! Simply because the origin of unpleasant odors, related to sweating, is not sweat, which is odorless, but the composition of the textiles we wear. Unlike very smooth synthetic fibers that allow bacteria to adhere permanently, natural Merino wool is composed of twisted fibers (which also provide its silky touch) that prevent the deposition of odors. Composed of two different cells in perpetual friction, Merino wool has the ability to self-clean. The healthier environment means that Merino wool clothing is naturally hypoallergenic. However, be aware that your eco-friendly Merino wool sweaters and undershirts still require special care and regular washing. (We offer you more information on how to wash your Merino wool sweater here.)

So, can I wear it in the summer?

Bingo! Merino sheep that endure -10 degrees Celsius in winter adapt perfectly to summer conditions that reach 30 degrees Celsius. To allow the sheep to withstand such temperature fluctuations, Merino wool simultaneously adapts to their body temperature and external temperature. Very fine, Merino wool has the somewhat magical power to absorb up to 33% of its own weight in moisture. This simply means that your top will actively absorb your sweat inside the fiber before releasing it into the air through evaporation. So with a Merino wool top, you'll always feel cool! That's why Merino wool clothing is also perfectly compatible with outdoor activities like hiking, for example.

The composition of your woolen garment is very important because the higher its composition of Merino wool, the more moisture is removed. For the majority of our tops, the composition of wool is 80%, who does better?


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