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We ship worldwide
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We ship worldwide
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Our way of doing things

And Made in France in all of this?

This is a beautiful promise, and we would have liked to be a part of it.

Made in France, made in Italy

Firstly, because it's certain that we share the same values attributed to 100% Made in France: Every day, we put all our enthusiasm into dreaming and designing eco-responsible, high-quality, and limited-production clothing. We also value working with family businesses, on a human scale, who uphold the values of craftsmanship and take care of their employees.

But simply...


In Biella, a small Italian village in Piedmont, we found THE manufacturer, the one with whom we were sure we wanted to work and who would bring out all the splendor of our beloved 100% merino wool: Mr. Roberto. Moreover, in Biella, wool weaving dates back to the 13th century! There, the expertise in wool work is acquired only through long practice passed down through generations. In Biella, merino wool is to them what glass is to Murano: a true passion. That was enough to convince us. That's why, in our constant effort to offer you the very best, we made the deliberate choice to produce in Italy. No regrets!

Italian craftsmanship, thoughtful production


Furthermore, some unscrupulous brands use the virtuous argument of a French design excessively to hope to increase their profit and improve their image.

It is true that often, it is very too easy to make us believe that a brand is French and produces eco-responsible clothing. Indeed, a blue-white-red label, the use of deceptive expressions, are all arguments that can deceive our judgment. But we won't be fooled anymore: always remember to check the composition label or ask the seller, who should be able to tell you about their French expertise. Look for French certifications and labels and also pay attention to the price. Quality comes at a cost.



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