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Livraison offerte dès 200€ en France Métropolitaine
Retour à notre charge en France Métropolitaine
Livraison offerte dès 200€ en France Métropolitaine
Retour à notre charge en France Métropolitaine
Livraison offerte dès 200€ en France Métropolitaine
Retour à notre charge en France Métropolitaine

Natural fibers

Ode to Silk Itself

Every day, fashion imposes on all of us to wear so many different materials from a thousand and one sources, of which we often know very little. The textile industry and fast fashion no longer hesitate to use numerous chemical inputs to create more colors, materials, and to manufacture more and more pieces.

Sustainable fashion, slow fashion

In this dizzying whirlwind, bodily well-being seems to have been forgotten. Yet, our skin is not just a mere physical envelope: it's a true organ in constant communication with our body and our brain. Recognizing that it's not always easy to escape the dictates of fashion, which sometimes enforces uncomfortable materials and styles, we are nevertheless convinced that it is necessary to redefine the boundaries of a new, engaged consumption that is gentler on the body and the mind: an ecological brand.

Soft and Oeko-tex certified materials

In favor of a more environmentally friendly and consumer-friendly fashion, we design and produce items in natural materials, Merino wool and silk, to offer you comfort and well-being every day. Choosing to wear more natural materials is giving your body the chance to signal that everything is alright. Sensory receptors on our skin activate the production of endorphins, the happiness hormones. Well-hydrated, healthy, and pampered, it allows us to feel better... in our skin!

A rare and distinguished material, silk, combined with Merino, envelops our skin in a cocoon of natural softness, creating an antibacterial and hypoallergenic environment for healthy skin throughout the day. So soft, it also allows the most sensitive skin to find all the necessary comfort and prevent irritation. Hydrating, thanks to the protein molecules it contains, it acts as a natural barrier against various stressors our skin faces: UV, pollution, temperature changes.

Natural materials, Merino wool, silk, micromodal

At our place, silk is delicately twisted around the wool thread, giving our products a gentle touch and the luxury of never losing their shape. Worn, our women's and men's undergarments in wool and silk gently conform to your body and return to their original shape after washing. Quality tested through time and life, allowing our products excellent durability.

Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic

Beautiful materials then invite you to let go, but they also provide you with the necessary tools to become the best version of yourself. Certified Oeko-tex, all our eco-responsible clothing is free from harmful substances for the skin, as an unspeakable way to show your body how much it matters to you.

Eco-responsible clothing


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