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The history of our undershirts

A Small Manifesto in Favor of the Undershirt


For a long time, undershirts were considered outdated, old-fashioned, or aging, and they struggled to find their place in our wardrobes. Sitting somewhere between a tank top and lingerie, women have often associated them with a rather masculine appearance, almost like something out of the latest blockbuster movie. And we understand why because, for a bit of history, undershirts were actually invented by strong, robust laborers who, because they felt too hot, preferred to cut the sleeves off their woolen sweaters.

Modern Undershirt

In a way, it's the ancestor of men's thermal underwear. But we'd like to tell you (not shout it, of course) that the undershirt is much more than that! Our mission? To popularize it, to make it more appealing both to look at and to wear.

An Undershirt for Every Woman

First, it's comfortable!


And isn't that the most important thing? Yes, we completely agree with you...

Soft and close-fitting, the undershirt serves as the perfect base layer that you can pair with all your outfits, every day, in any weather. It's the perfect women's Merino base layer. It's practical, especially because, yes, it can be machine-washed! (find out here how to wash your Merino sweater and maintain it daily

 Thermoregulating and Easy to Maintain

It goes with everything!


Yes, because our mantra at yvo et moi is to offer you pieces that not only provide comfort but also offer the luxury of matching with everything (or almost everything)!

From pants to skirts, shorts to jeans, it also adapts to all moments in your life. It can be worn under a sweater during the day and layered under a jacket on warmer days. In the evening, it can be worn off the shoulders and plays the role of the perfect little summer top.

A true timeless piece, its 100% natural composition and high-quality finishes stand the test of time to make it an essential basic in your wardrobe.

Everyday Wardrobe Essential

It's sexy!


You might say that it's a bit bold, but we stand by it! So soft and lightweight that you forget you're wearing it, the undershirt subtly reveals your curves without going overboard. In a backless version, it perfectly masters the codes of sensuality. Sometimes enhanced by the delicacy of Calais lace, it plays the seduction card with finesse.

Comfortable and Sexy

You've understood it; the undershirt is an essential basic in your ideal wardrobe. Like a sensual cloud, our Merino base layer will also guarantee confidence and assurance throughout the day, allowing you to face everyday life with style.


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