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Livraison offerte en Colissimo Point Retrait en France Métropolitaine
Retour à notre charge en France Métropolitaine
Livraison offerte en Colissimo Point Retrait en France Métropolitaine
Retour à notre charge en France Métropolitaine
Livraison offerte en Colissimo Point Retrait en France Métropolitaine
Retour à notre charge en France Métropolitaine

Who are we?


At yvo et moi, we've decided to create timeless pieces, essentials that will form the foundation of your ideal wardrobe. Made from Merino wool and silk, or Micromodal, our eco-friendly clothing is perfect for all seasons and all times of the day. Under your favorite sweater on rainy mornings, or transparently under a leather jacket on summer evenings: it doesn't matter. The thermoregulatory virtues of silk and Merino wool offer beautiful tops that keep their promises in all seasons.

Our motto? Leave our planet in a better state than when we found it. To achieve this, we're doing our best to promote a gentler, ethical, and sustainable fashion, in short: eco-friendly fashion.

Take care of the planet

Today, our most important commitment lies in the choice of our raw materials, which are natural and sustainable. We wanted to offer you quality pieces with delicate details that you can wear according to your desires and that will last over time. Certified Oeko-Tex, the raw materials we use to create eco-friendly clothing are free of harmful substances for the skin, and we believe this makes all the difference.

With us, you don't have to wait for sales, and in fact, it's the best gift we could give you. Why? Quite simply because by limiting intermediaries as much as possible, we offer you a final product at the right price. The right price is the one that allows us to offer you a quality product and support all our partners without multiplying profits. We advocate for more eco-friendly clothing that is so durable that you won't have to replace it often.

In this sense, we have also decided to work with a just-in-time production model, deliberately choosing to limit our production—restarting it in case of success—to avoid overproduction in a world where we believe it is necessary to act against overconsumption. Less is more.

Regarding dyeing, always with the aim of preserving our planet, we look for dormant stock from our suppliers. We also take the risky bet of not developing too pronounced shades that you might get tired of from one year to the next. This is the role of an eco-friendly brand: creating pieces that you can wear and wear again.

So no, our tops are not immortal (but who can boast of being so?), they are tested in the game of life (and against moths! Remember to protect your pieces in your closets!). Combined with silk, the powers of Merino wool (which we invite you to discover here) are multiplied. Our clothes are durable. Above all, they are natural and biodegradable. This means that by wearing one of our undershirts, you choose to wear a piece that will leave very little NO trace behind. In the same spirit, we also ensure that our products do not travel by air. We prefer shipping by sea for our Merino wool and by road for delivering our products directly from Italy to Lyon.

Also, we know that receiving a package is a bit like receiving a gift from oneself... To oneself.

And then, we admit it, we too look forward to the arrival of the postman. But every day in France, the post office delivers nearly 39 million parcels. That's a lot, right? However, we try to minimize their impact: for example, we first decided to customize our packaging plastic - the only way to effectively protect our clothing in the warehouse, against moths, for example - to use only one packaging from storage to delivery. But that's not all! We can also count on the ingenious idea of Hipli, two Normans who have created innovative packaging that is 100 times more durable than our usual cardboard boxes, which, although designed to make 3 to 4 trips, often only make one.

So now you know it all! Of course, we know that we still have a long way to go (because otherwise it's not fun!) to become a 100% eco-friendly brand, but we are sure of one thing: we will always continue to prioritize a human-to-human relationship, equal to equal, which perfectly fits with our vision of a more responsible and ethical fashion.

In the meantime, in the interest of transparency, we share with you our main areas of improvement that we are working hard on:

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