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This wool, so soft...

It's quite simple, the finest wool that will keep you the warmest is indeed Merino wool. We borrowed its properties from the eponymous sheep.


Keeping you warm is one thing; our long-haired friends live in regions that sometimes reach temperatures as low as -20°C. Luckily, it's not a material meant only for cold weather; this very wool keeps them cool in temperatures of up to 35°C. Such thermoregulating materials are not common.


But the main argument lies in the unique characteristics of wool: its fineness.

If you've ever wondered why some sweaters itch and others don't, look no further! It's due to the scales of the wool fibers, which are rather rigid. These scales can be thought of as tiny needles (apologies to the phobic) that, when in contact with the skin, interact with nerve endings. The more these frictions occur, the more the human body releases histamines, a molecule naturally synthesized by the body. And this molecule is responsible for an "allergic" response that causes itching. And there you have it, your sweater itches.


But don't worry; all is not lost. Otherwise, all sweaters would be uncomfortable, and no one would wear them!

To reduce the rigidity of wool, you need to consider the diameter of the fiber. The finer it is, the more your favorite sweater will be supple and soft.

For example, our tops & sweaters are knitted with fibers of 18.5 microns in diameter. But, if that's not clear, let's remember that the thickness of a human hair is 15 microns; our wool and its very fine threads are barely thicker than that!

For obvious reasons, asking for a sweater as fine as hair won't be an easy task, but not impossible!

What is impossible, however, is a sweater that doesn't itch absolutely anyone: we are all different, with different skin types and sensitivities.

So, don't hesitate: touch, try on, change, rub, find what suits you best!

We'll leave you with a selection of the softest wools if you want to be sexy and warm during the next cold spell:


For more numbers and scientific softness:



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