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Couleur: Denim Blu

Ultra-versatile accessory, indifferently headband, hood or scarf, our XXL choker is made of merino wool & silk for exceptional softness, breathability and cocooning.

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  • Extra virgin merino wool and silk bearing the OEKO-TEX label

  • Eco-responsible brand

    : 100% made in Italy in Mr. Roberto's workshop, a small family business that we visit regularly and have chosen for their know-how

Size advice
Snood XXL to go around your neck twice.
Composition and care
* Our merino wool comes from New Zealand from RWS certified farms to ensure, among other things, animal welfare. Our delicate mix of extra virgin merino wool and silk (85/15% or 70/30% depending on the colors) Oeko-tex certified (therefore without substances harmful to the skin) is very soft, light and incredibly comfortable.
* We advise you to wash your pieces in machine, cold, wool cycle with similar colors. Ideally in a washing net ( Guppy Friends washing bag ).
* Drying flat and in the shade. Very soft ironing on the reverse if necessary. Store your folded stitches and not on a fitting: this prevents mesh from deforming.
* As merino wool is naturally anti-odor, you can wear it several times before washing it, one more gesture for the planet :)

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Who am I?

My name is Audrey. I'm a fashion designer specialising in lingerie and I designed collections for major lingerie brands in France, Italy and Australia for 12 years. A first career involving lots of bras, technical expertise, exquisite materials, wonderful people and hard work to combine the technical side with comfort and style. ​​​​​​​​
I took a career break when I had my 3 boys in 3 years, Melvil, Marius and Malo (who now lend their names to our timeless bestsellers). When I was inspired to start my own business, I thought of this beautiful silk vest that my mum had given me many years ago. When I had to replace it, I discovered that it was hard to find a top that was beautiful AND warm AND made of natural materials AND at an affordable price. ​​​​​​​​
I like technical workmanship, I like quality, I like softness, I like to take care - of my people, the planet, my colleagues, my customers. One step at a time, yvo et moi came into being, a brand that - I hope - will wrap you up in soft, stylish comfort !



Answers to your questions

How are made our products?

Eight months before the release, I think up all the different pieces in a collection.

First my ideas come to life through sketches and drawings, then the pieces begin to take shape when I choose the materials and colours. Delicate lace and often graphic, visual embroidery, bold guipure... I always work with natural fibres and in particular with merino and silk blends. Our raw materials come from France and Italy.

Quality shapes all of my choices: the gauge of a knit, the softness, the delicacy of the finishes, the subtlety of the colours.

Using this information, our pattern maker creates a preliminary pattern and we begin to adjust the model. We pour all our love into the fitting (the perfect adjustment of the model): we carry out tests on many different body shapes and we take great care with each size to ensure that our pieces are as comfortable as they are flattering.

How to maintain your yvo et moi clothing?

Washing, drying, storage

  • Our pieces can be machine washed on a wool or delicate cycle, preferably cold, with regular detergent.< /li>
  • Ideally, slip it into a washing bag which will protect the fibers (pssst: a pillow size can also act as a washing bag!). Or discover the washing bags GuppyFriend.
  • We do not recommend the use of fabric softeners or bleach. And, as usual, we recommend washing colors separately.
  • The ideal is to dry your pieces flat, so that the weight of the water does not deform the fibers. Iron on the reverse side if necessary (for the smooth side only and with an iron not too hot).
  • Then store them folded rather than hanging, always to avoid deforming them :)


Wool has a natural tendency to pill, this is due to the shorter fibers rising to the surface fabric. To prevent this phenomenon, wash your pieces after wearing them two or three times. And if possible, when washing, slip your tops into a washing pouch which will prevent the fibers from breaking.

Which fabrics are used?
Merino Wool

Merino wool is a natural and renewable resource with numerous qualities. Unlike other sheep, merino sheep can survive the scorching summers and freezing winters of the New Zealand Alps. Its ultra-light fleece is breathable, simple, efficient, and ingenious:

- Softness: Merino wool has very fine fibers that bend against the skin. Our pieces are incredibly soft and comfortable.

- Resilience: Merino fiber has excellent stretch and recovery. It doesn't break when stretched and easily regains its original shape.

- Thermoregulation: Merino wool is a technically active fiber, capable of absorbing or releasing heat. It absorbs moisture, releasing a bit of warmth, and the reverse process occurs when it's hot. It's like wearing an air conditioning system.

- Moisture Management: Merino fiber can absorb up to 35% of its weight before appearing wet, making it much more comfortable and keeping you dry longer, even compared to most synthetic fibers.

- Odor Reduction: Body odor molecules are absorbed by the fiber, allowing your clothing to resist odors much better than others – practical! Our wool comes from RWS-certified farms, ensuring animal well-being (mulesing is also banned there).


Natural, delicate, and soft to the touch, silk is the perfect complement to merino wool. It allows colors to shine. We use mulberry silk, the most luxurious, breathable, and lightweight type. Mulberry silk is hypoallergenic, adding exceptional softness to our knits, and it also absorbs moisture.

Micromodal Tencel™

For the homewear line, I chose to create a capsule collection in micromodal, which offers many advantages: it is breathable, remains soft and supple while retaining its shape, limits the proliferation of odors and bacteria. Unlike cotton, micromodal does not retain water and therefore dries much faster. It provides a more cost-effective alternative to merino wool. Micromodal is obtained by extracting cellulose from beech wood, which is transformed into liquid by the addition of chemicals and then spun into yarn, ready to be woven. Lenzing's micromodal is particularly well-studied: they manufacture it from already cut or FSC-certified wood in a closed-loop process to limit pollution and the release of chemicals (95% of the chemicals used are recycled). All of this is done in Austria, not far from our Italian workshop. Its production requires 10 to 20 times less water than cotton.

Calais Lace

The Dentelle de Calais-Caudry® label is a guarantee of the excellence of High Lace, made in France, following the rules of the art that have made its reputation for centuries. It distinguishes luxury woven lace from the much more common knitted lace. For more details, you can visit www.ffdb.net.

What is my eco-responsible approach?

My collections are made in Italy, 385 km away from our offices in Lyon.

I have been committed to working faithfully with the same people since I started in 2018. It was crucial that I found a manufacturer I could trust, one that worked closely with me and was part of the team: I chose Mr. Alberto. His small business lies in the heart of the region that has always worked with merino wool, he learned from his father and passed on his love and know-how to his daughters. Today, the team is almost exclusively female. I go to the factory every year to develop the collections, to meet the people who work on our collections: to chat, to share ideas, to grow together to deliver the best possible results.

I know for sure that the workers' rights are being protected (social responsibility, freedom of association, working hours, non-discrimination, prohibition of child and forced labour, payment of a minimum wage, safety in the workplace, environmental protection, waste management, etc.).